Matt Gundlach is a retired Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps, I was a career Infantryman, spending 12 years in the operating forces and deployed 8 times overseas, I spent 3 years as a Combat Instructor at the School of Infantry and spent my last 5 years in the Marine Corps on the Marine Corps Shooting Team. I have been competing in 3-gun for 10 years, but while on the Marine Corps Shooting Team I competed in Precision Pistol, NRA Action Pistol, USPSA, 3-Gun, and The Tactical Games. The last position I held on the team was as its senior leader, managing and developing over 30 instructors/competitors. While I was on the team, I planned, coordinated, and executed over 28 Marine Corps Marksmanship Competitions around the U.S. and overseas, where we instruct in a competitive environment with the overall purpose of increasing the lethality and survivability of Marines getting ready to deploy.
I have a passion for teaching and passing on information, which is why I am currently an instructor at The Basic School, teaching indirect fire and close air support to young Marine Officers, assisting as an instructor for @penguinpack.fightclub a TTG training day affiliate club, and host a podcast @bulletsnbourbonpodcast
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